Providing the Best Day Care, Child Care & Infant Child Care for Families Around Long Island.


From A to Z, your child will love learning the alphabet and developmentally appropriate language skills with us! What we can teach your child will lay a valuable foundation for their later life in school.


Who doesn’t like to dance? Kids love the chance to get up and jiggle and giggle to the sounds of joyful music. Our movement programs provide exercise, fun and motor skill training.


We cater to your child’s natural curiosity about the world they live in. Our staff designs safe, fun experiments created to help your child make new discoveries about their environment.


Everybody sing! Kids get the chance to sing, clap to popular children’s tunes that encourage participation. A great outlet for expressive kids and a great antidote for those who may be a bit shy.


We bake our own cake for the birthday kid’s celebration. Kids love to participate in baking or cooking and they love to make their own cookie dough (all while under adult supervision of course). Let’s encourage the kids to be involved in the kitchen!


We give your child the chance to be creative and to let his or her imagination soar! Our art program is a first introduction to the world of personal creative expression, and kids often produce things you’ll love to put on the fridge.

Outdoor Play

A healthy body makes for a healthy mind, and part of that requires outdoor activity, including running, climbing, jumping and more. We let your child explore the outdoors, expend some energy, and have fun with others (under supervision, of course).


Not only are math skills an important part of everyday life, they also teach your child essential lessons in reasoning and elementary logic. We start with the very basics and gradually work our way up.


Limber up the body and the mind will follow.

Day Care Options

What ever the age of your child we have a program that fits.

Day Care

You know what your child needs when you go to work during the day. We can provide those accommodations. Building Blocks Day Care offers an environment that your child deserves and you desire.

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Child Care

We go to great lengths to ensure your kid enjoys dedicated, compassionate and well-managed professional child care services.

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Infant Day care

From the time you drop off your child to the pick-up time, your child will be involved in activities that range from playing with soft blocks to napping.

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Play as you learn!